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More Mushiness!

Mmmm… Well first off, I just wanna say thank you to all of the folks out there who gave me support from my last post. Yeah… that rather upset me… but I’m feeling MUCH better now. So thanks to all who showed that they really cared. I know who my real friends are. :) *hugs to all!*

Yesterday was good. :) Talked to huskie666 on the phone for nearly two hours, about all kinds of stuffage. She rawks, and she is so getting more gift art from me whenever I have free time again. :-P (Subliminal message: Buy art from her… and then… buy art from me too! I need monies!)

Then I talked to my baby birdie for about forty minutes. Heee… he makes me feel all fluffy. ^^ And we had a cute conversation online today, which I’ve taken the liberty of putting behind a LJ-cut so that people who don’t wanna get tooth-rot can skip over. :}

Gryphy: Hello, wuff of mine!

Jessie: Hello. ^^ *wags* How are you? :)

Gryphy: I was talking about you earlier.

Jessie: Uh-oh. ;)

Gryphy: I was talking about all these things I liked about you and everyone was just watching. And when I got finished, Prismo said, "Oh my God, I can see little hearts over his head."

Jessie: *LOL* Funny... Gabe said something similar just a few days ago. ^^

Gryphy: I guess we've got all these hearts floating over our heads.

Jessie: Yeee... but floaty hearts are fun! ^^ So what things do you like about me? :-P

Gryphy: I like the fact that you like the fact that I like the cock. :>

Jessie: *LOL* Rar. ;-)

Gryphy: I like the fact that you're adorable. I like it that I can grab you and hold you and you can't get away. :> I like it when you wiggle. I like it when you attack my leg. I like it when I poke you and you curl up into a ball. I like it when you nibble on me to incite me to do possessive things to you. :>

Jessie: *giggles and wags* ^^

Gryphy: I was telling them that you were the perfect female for a gay guy to be with. :>

Jessie: *LOL* Awwwww!!! Hrmmm... well, you know what I like about you? :}

Gryphy: What do you like about me?

Jessie: I like it when you grab me and hold me so that I can't get away. ;) I like it when you talk in the sexy voice. :} I like it when you get out Mr. Suck yo Dick Snake. :-D

Gryphy: *snickers*

Jessie: I like it when you get all cute and fluffy and you go, "a-bok..." I like the fact that you make AWSOME music!!

Gryphy: Ugh.

Jessie: I like the fact that you're smart, and funny, and sweet, and sexah, and you rock. ;) And I like the fact that you're my Gryphy. ^^ And that you would sacrifice the cock for a female. :-P That shows a lot of love. *noses*

Gryphy: Hey, you said I could still have the cock! :>

Jessie: You CAN still have the cock! It's just the fact that you were willing to sacrifice it. :}

Gryphy: *nods* Yeah, I was. Thank you for letting me have some anyway though. :) I don't deserve you, I think.

Jessie: Yes you do!!! ^^ Cos I said so. ;)

Gryphy: You're more woman than most guys deserve and more man than they'll ever be. :> *hugs you*

Jessie: Well... I can't argue about the more man part... *grins and hugs you so tight!* Awww... *sighs* You make me happy. ^^ *wags*

Gryphy: I like you being happy.

Jessie: Well I like you being happy too... *noses and licks*

Gryphy: *happy fluff*

Jessie: Awww! ^^ So cute!

Gryphy: *and hearts* :>

Jessie: Yee! I am SO going to make that a pic. ;)

Heheheh… Yeah. I SO have my next pic idea, as soon as I’m done coloring my last two commissions. :-P *is such a sap* Yee. The bird makes me giddy. ^^ Gonna go color now. :)
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