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To All My So Called "Friends" Out There...

Okay… I was going to make a post here, but due to a friend’s request, I’m not going to say exactly what I wanted to say. It frustrates me… a LOT, the things I keep hearing. On one hand, I’m glad to hear them, because actually being able to KNOW what’s going on is a lot better than assuming. But still… I need to vent.

There are a lot of shitheads out there who would love to see me hurt and broken. Kiss-asses, people who deceive, and try to get on my good side, but then turn around and fucking talk shit about me as soon as my back is turned. Well to them I say this:

Fuck. You.

That’s right. You can think whatever you want, but it doesn’t make a difference to me. SUCH utter bullshit… and I can’t even make it public. >.< I want SO badly to call a few people out right now, but I have to keep my mouth shut because of a promise I made. So I’ll just say this. I’m not looking for fame or popularity. I don’t need it, nor do I really want it. The friends I have – the REAL friends – the people I choose to hang around, do not necessarily reflect my lifestyle. Let me explain what I mean by this:

I DO have some friends who are quite popular in the fandom, yes. Does this make me a snotty bitch? No. Does it mean I have an inflated ego? Fuck no! ANYONE who knows me also KNOWS that I’m very modest when it comes to my work. I don’t draw to get famous. I draw, because I LIKE it! And as for the company I keep, I’m easygoing and I’ll make friends with pretty much anyone, weather they’re well known or not! I just like to meet people!

I don’t want people sucking up to me to get on my good side. If I find out that you talk nice to my face, and then turn around and say bullshit as soon as my back is turned, I WILL call you out! I don’t need that shit! And what’s the point anyway? If you don’t like me, SAY SO! Tell it TO my face!! Don’t be shy! I’d rather know the truth anyway! Then I can just shrug it off and not have to wonder if every single person I talk to is just another fucking liar! Don’t pretend to be my friend, cos that kinda shit makes me sick!

I had another issue I wanted to bring up, but again I have to keep my mouth shut. But if it comes up again, I will not hesitate to bitch about it. >.
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