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The Insanity!!!

Holy shit! Today Blue and I were watching these Little Miss Pageant girls on TV. AUGH! My eyes!! It is SO wrong to put little children in makeup and try to pass them off as looking grown up!! And dressing them up in god awful costumes and frilly dresses, and making them do horrid song and dance numbers... TORTURE!! The HORROR, and PRESSURE these kids go through! One girl... I think she was like five years old... did this little dance in a spider suit, and the poor thing messed up and then started crying, and her mom kept on pushing her to keep going! >.< I am SO not EVER going to do that shit to my kid! O.o Parents pressuring their kids like that, be it in sports or whatever, is just WRONG!

Also, on the news we saw this thing going on right by Neilson and Tapscott, where Bluey used to live... a Prayer Walk. That's right. Tons of Christians walking down the street, waving bibles and sprinkling holy water on the ground as they shout and rave about Jesus, and the Lord. This is supposed to be a protest against all of the shootings and other violent crimes that have happened around that area lately. Even when Blue was living there, like five years ago, the area was always kinda bad, but apparently it's only gotten worse. But do they really think that this is going to make it stop? O.o My gods, what will they think of next?

The City is also proposing to close the animal shelter. I'm not even going to say a damn thing about that. >.
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