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Happy Puppies = Happy Mommy

Well, I went to pick up some more dog food today, since Calvin’s owner has finally started paying me on a regular basis again. I swear to gods, that woman never fails to find something to complain about. >.< This time it was about the size of Calvin’s food. “Oh, I’d like it if you bought him the big chunks, because what you’re buying him isn’t the same.” What I buy him is the same damn blue bag of Original Nutrients. It’s EXACTLY the same brand of food. The only difference is the kibble size. These kibbles are smaller, and I said he still eats them. “But he likes the bigger chunks better.” I’m trying to explain to this woman that the store here doesn’t sell the large sized chunks, and I could only get the small sized ones. “Well PJ’s Pet Foods sells the larger ones.” I am NOT going to treck ALL the way out to PJ’s just to buy him a bigger sized food. O.o Not to mention I would need my mom to drive me, and she’s not home all day because she works. I told her if I can ever find the bigger chunks, I’ll buy them, but until I do, he’s staying on the small bites. I said if SHE would like to go to the store near HER place and pick him up some food, then she could be my guest. So she finally dropped the subject.

I still find it funny though, how she “trusts” me so much to do what’s best for Calvin, and to look out for his well-being, (for goodness sake, I’ve been taking care of him for nearly a year!) but she argues over the SIZE of the food I’m feeding him, and not the fact that I had to start mixing his food with my OWN dog’s food to make it last because she hadn’t paid me in ages. *flicks her ears in frustration* Why do I have to deal with such stupid people? >.<

Other than Calvin’s owner being a dipshit, this past weekend was for the dogs, it would seem. Bluey was over for the weekend again, and she had come the weekend before to drop Sweetie off so that she could have a bit of a vacation with my two boys. Sweetie’s apparently started to get a bit anxious at home by herself lately, so the visit’s been doing her some good so far. Blue brought over treats and toys for the boys as well. Barkley got a new squeaky fire hydrant, and so he’s a happy, HAPPY Shepherd. :-P I’m going to make SURE that Dakota doesn’t destroy Barkley’s toy this time. Mean little bitch of a dog, my boy is. Koda got his own treats though. Ended up picking up some large rawhide sticks, and pig ears, and cookies for all of them. And new stainless steel food and water bowls, cos Bark’s old plastic blue bowl got a huge crack in it. Also did a HUGE cleanup of their run, so no more dead weeds and crap everywhere. Thinking of moving their second doghouse in there, maybe.


So the dogs are spoiled and happy, so I’m happy. Plans for the rest of the day is to work on coloring my commissions, as I got all of my payments in the mail today. Yee. ^^ *wags*
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