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So, just thought I'd make an update, as I have a bit of free time right now. Still at the NARFA Cube, and I was supposed to be leaving tomorrow morning, but I got a two day extension. *squee!* I'm REALLY enjoying my time here, and I SO don't want to leave! >.< Everyone here is really cool, and the atmosphere is really friendly. It's just a super nice place to be, and everyone wants me to move right in. :-P If it were that simple to move to the States, (legally) I just might do it too. Although 2 and I have tossed around the idea of getting married, which would rawk, cos then I'd have duel citizenship. ;) And we already share the same last name, which is a bonus. *grin*

Actually, on a more personal note, I've found that I REALLY enjoy spending time with 2. In the duration of time I've been here, he and I have hung out, watched movies, gone to restaurants and to play pool, chill in his room and talk about music and just about everything else you could think of. He makes me feel comfy, and I feel like I can say anything to him, and he'll never criticize me. We just seem to be on the same wavelength, it's kinda funny. We share exact same feelings and thoughts, that I honestly didn't think anyone else would be able to understand. So I'm really grateful and honored that we were able to become as close as we are now. And Gryphy, if you're reading this, you rawk SO very much, and I love ya hon. ^^ *BIG hugs!*

Everyone I've met here at NARFA have been REALLY great. And I'm really honored that you guys think I'd fit right in with you. I've found myself thinking about my future a lot... I have no real plans. I need some direction in my life. Who knows what will happen in a year or two. But for now, I'm happier than I've been in a good long while, and I'm so very glad I was able to make it here (SPECIAL thanks to pat_the_fox for driving me back to the border, after I got denied the first time... *HUGS!!!*). I will miss you all when I have to go back home, but will be sure to visit again asap, for a bit longer next time.

*sighs* Two more days...
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