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Today, I tried getting my free web space from for the use of uploading artwork. After being put on hold for a half hour, I was finally able to talk to someone and he helped me get my webspace set up and running. Cept he told me that I'd have to take care of the ftp thing by myself... and of course with my being a total twit when it comes to things like ftp, html, etc. I kinda got a bit discouraged. :/

Then ganadorrex was nice enough to talk me through how to get it all done. Now, this might not seem like such a big deal to a lot of people out there, since folks have told me that ftp is really not that hard to learn. But this is ME we're talking about here. I've had friends try and talk me through what were supposed to be simple things in the past. But when the person is not actually here, SHOWING me how it needs to be done, I get very nervous and scared and frustrated... then I feel dumb and just wanna hide cos I can't follow simple instructions online. >.< So I've had a lot of people get mad at me and lose their patience and just give up, leaving me to feel like an absolute dumbass. *smirks*

He sat there with me for 3 hours or more, til some ridiculous time in the morning. He talked me through the whole thing, giving me a pat on the back when I got all flustered, not letting me give up on myself. Even finding me an ftp program to download and everything. No one has EVER been as patient with me in a situation like this as he has been. Especially for something so simple. And I am very touched and really grateful for his help. *sniffles*

Ganny, THANK YOU! You will never fully realize just how much this has really meant to me! I luvluvluvluvluv you!! *hugs the dwaggy tight and wags happily!*

So without further ado, here is my tribute to Balto and the Lion King! Enjoy! ^^

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