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Plastic Babies

Heheh. My sister brought home one of those electronic babies that they give you in Parenting class. I remember when we used to get the eggs instead. :-P I think she has it for the week. It’s this plastic baby that comes complete with carry-on baby seat, bottle, diapers and everything. You have to take care of it and treat it as if it were a real baby, cos it has some electronic thingy in it that keeps track of if you neglect it or not. The thing cries, and basically does what a baby’s supposed to do, and is given as a trial for kids who think they wanna be parents. My sis has been wanting to take the Parenting course since she was in grade nine, and now that she’s had it for only one day, she already doesn’t want it anymore. *GRINS* This should be an interesting week. :)

In other news, Raptor is over for a couple days. So I have company. Yee. :) Still have two more drawings to finish before I leave for 2_gryphon’s place on Wed night. I sooo need this vacation. >.<

And the dogs are getting up to some freaky, kinky shit outside. o.O
“Hey! …STOP that!!”

Quotes of the day: “Them dogs are big… for her pleasure!”
“My taste buds are throwing up!”
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