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And Things Just Keep Getting Better, Right...?

Last night I noticed Loki, my black rat, acting kinda funny. So I picked him up, and checked him over, and put him on my bed. I watched him try to move around and saw that he was dragging both his back legs behind him. They’re both completely limp. I can’t imagine how this happened, since just the day before he was perfectly fine. My mom wondered if it wasn’t my other rat, Nicky, who may have done this to him. But I don’t see how he could have. Nicky is bigger and more dominant than Loki, and he always bugged him and put him in his place, but he’s never actually done any physical harm to Loki before. And when I checked him over, there were no bites, no signs of physical damage. So I don’t think Nicky did anything…

Of the seven rats I’ve had over the past four years, Loki has been one of my three favorites. Very passive and gentle, he’s such a good boy. I’ve had him since he was a baby, and he’s always been the smart and friendly natured rat, even came right up to friends to say hi when I had company over. A lot of people may think, “well, it’s just a rat,” but to me he’s not just a rat. He’s my friend, and my pet, and still a member of my family… he still has a heart, and personality.

He’s never been sick before. No abscesses or tumors, no upper-respiratory problems. So maybe this is just his age catching up with him, since he’s about two and a half years old now. Most of my rats started going downhill after they reached about two years. My mom called the vet’s, and has made an appointment for tomorrow (it was the earliest we could get) to have him put down. I don’t want him to suffer at all, in case this is causing him any pain. He’s started having accidents now, so I know it can’t get any better. :/ And I don’t want to sit there and watch him die slowly, like some of the others did, because we couldn’t get to a vet on time.

So until tomorrow afternoon, I’ve put him in his own cage, with a house and a hammock, and a fluffy blanket, and as much food and treats as he wants. I’m going to spend as much time with him as possible, and make sure that for the bit of time he has left, he knows that he’s loved.
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