February 20th, 2010

Leo & Jessie - by Jaxx Blackfox

Charm Logo Design

The trainer that I first apprenticed under, when I moved back to Vancouver a couple years ago, asked if I would do a drawing of his female American Staffordshire Terrier, Charm, to use as a logo for his training service. I whipped this up last night, finished shading it this morning.

Charm Logo

I am also going to find my little book of commissions, and post the names up here soon, so that folks know I've not forgotten about them - it's just been a really, really slow process, trying to get back into art again. The very few personal drawings I've done in the last two years I hoped would get me motivated enough to get back into it.

I even started two 11X14" adult auction pieces, which has been an almost painful struggle... trying to fight against this artistic block and lack of motivation sucks balls. But I'm glad that the finished result still makes me happy. I'm doing original, color pencil work again, and it's funny that even after not having done original media work for years, I still know how to do it, and I still do it well. :3 I'll post samples up here when I'm done.

I'm doing a few auction pieces in the next couple months, but I am still not taking on any new commissions until I'm finished the ones I owe. I don't want to take anymore people's money and not get them a product for ages.

I am also actively looking for a new job, since my hours at work plummeted again, partially due to the economy, and partially due to the Olympics being held here in Vancouver. I haven't worked since Wednesday, and on Tuesday I only worked 4 hours. I needs monies!! O___x I need to pay my rent and phone bill, as well as get my puppy's $1,000 vet bill down (I'm very lucky that my vet is awesome and understanding, and lets me pay off a bit at a time... that's practically unheard of, for most vets). Here's hoping that I'll land a new gig soon. Even private training's been slow. Ugh.
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