January 26th, 2010



A dog trainer's world is a very competative one. And it's SO stupid! I hate how other people's ignorance can make you almost want to dislike your own line of work, there's so many idiotic politics involved. What's the right way to train? What's the wrong way to train? What do some people consider "abusive"? Holy hell, it's ridiculous.

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In other news, we had a minor mishap with our freezer at work. Seems the plug came loose from the power outlet, and most of the raw diets and bones we had thawed over the weekend. So yesterday my boss was giving away free raw food to our clients, since we can't refreeze and sell the stuff (what a loss of revenue though... sheesh). So I came home with a ton of raw liver and meaty bones, and the dogs were quite happy with that, last night.

Mojo still doesn't get the whole raw bones thing... which I just find wierd, since he's a freakin' Alaskan sled dog. But Tobi, Jango, and Penny demolished their dinner like no tomorrow. OMG, Penny (the Chihuahua) got some liver and a really meaty chunk of bone, bigger than her head, and it was gone within an hour, cartilage and all. That dog can eat "big dog" food and treats like you wouldn't believe (pig's ears, tendon, smoked bones, etc.). She puts my Rottweiler to shame. ;) Well, looks like they can enjoy another few weeks worth now, anyway. Mmmm... bones. ^^
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