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Jessie T. Wolf

July 5th, 2009

July 5th, 2009
01:02 pm


The Joys Of Parenthood
Sooo... We got Torwin's Border Collie puppy a week ago, a bit earlier than we had expected to pick him up. Unfortunately the pups' mother died from a uterus infection, and all of the puppies had to go to their new homes at 7 weeks old.

For being so young, I've got to say that Toby is *quite* the dominant little puppy. In fact, I've never known a puppy as dominant as he is, at his age, and I've taken care of a lot of puppies! The first day we brought him home, he walked right in with his head and tail right up, totally unafraid of the other dogs, not phased by anyone or anything, like, "Yep... this is my house."

He's fiery and feisty, and means serious business. He also kicked Jango's ass real good. :-P I'm glad that I have a Rottie who will willingly submit to other dogs during rough play. The size difference between them is hilarious, and it's so funny seeing a Collie pup half his size pinning him on his back. Toby's also a humper already.

Unfortunately, we've started on the wrong foot with Toby's training. During the first week we've had him, Tor's been letting him get away with a bit more than he should, despite me trying to train *my* Collie in how he should train his puppy. :-P

Spoiled puppy, behind the cut.Collapse )

This will be a good challenge for Torwin, and I know it'll be tough for him, because of how much he loves his puppy (and a lot of people think of their dogs as their babies, but we have to remember that they are not furry humans - they're dogs and they think differently than humans do). But in the end, he'll have a really awesome, respectable dog, that he can be proud to take anywhere with him. :3

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