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Jessie T. Wolf

March 18th, 2009

March 18th, 2009
10:53 am


Why Small Dogs Have "Big Dog Syndrome"
I guess I can see why little dogs are always trying to act big, since owning a Chihuahua. I mean, besides the fact that most small dog owners don't take any kind of leadership role with their dogs more than half of the time, and think that it's "cute" when Fifi yaps and growls at the neighbor or at other dogs... Most small dogs are very insecure. If you ever look at a truly confident and relaxed dog, those are the ones who just hang back and chill out, because they don't have anything to prove to anyone else. But when you're tiny, sometimes your voice is all you really have.

Diva Dog, behind the cut.Collapse )

Owning a small dog has been a very interesting experience, so far. Now I just have to try to find a new place that will allow me to keep both Penny and Mojo. Going to be keeping my eyes peeled for a decent one-bedroom, or bachelor suite, as I'm moving out in four more months. For now though, I'll be taking a little break for a couple of weeks and staying at a friend's place, and bringing the dogs with me. Just need to get out of my place for a bit, to try to detox and clear my head of stressful matters.

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