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Jessie T. Wolf

January 13th, 2009

January 13th, 2009
12:16 am


Abandonment Issues
I should really be in bed right about now, but Blue and I got up to some interesting conversation tonight about marriage, and separation/divorce, and father figures who were never really there for us growing up, and all of that wonderful, fun stuff.

It somehow started with us talking about babies, and how Blue would rather adopt a kid one day, instead of having her own. From there we moved on to how the two of us were technically "accidents," both born two months premature. Blue was born during the middle of her parent's divorce, whereas my parents were never actually married to begin with, but they separated when I was about six years old.

Tim and I both certainly had two very, very different ideas about what marriage was, and I guess I am very guilty for not understanding just what it meant to him. To me, there is no difference between me being married to someone, or being in a loving, committed relationship with someone. To me, the committed bond lays in the emotions you carry for that person. A legal marriage to me is nothing more than paperwork that satisfies the Government. To me, marriage is not spiritual, because I am not religious. My feelings for someone are my feelings, and I would have been just as committed to Tim, had we got legally married or not. But that was my biggest mistake... saying yes to something and not fully understanding it from the other person's point of view. :/

Cripes... I should be in f'ing bed right now... WTF?Collapse )

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04:30 pm


I Made A New Friend At Work Today
We've been getting some new Daycare clients at work in the last couple of weeks. One is a really sweet German Shepherd puppy named Caper, and she's about four months old. Beautiful dog, and very well mannered, especially for such a young puppy.

We now also have a crazy looking Weimaraner named Otis. He has a weird looking face, and he reminds me of the Marty Feldman of the dog world. He has separation anxiety like you wouldn't believe. He spends his whole day pacing around, whining and barking anytime you leave the room for even a minute, and he does the whole nervous peeing thing as he's walking, which gets annoying really fast.

We have a new Beagle puppy named Solo, who is freakin' cute as hell. Unfortunately he bays like all Beagles do, and it's a surprise I'm not deaf by the end of the day. :-P

And my new favorite is our new Doberman, Hugo. He's just under a year old, and what a gorgeous, gorgeous dog. OMG, I so need to get my camera working again, so I can get some pics up on here. Hugo was a bit of a pain in the ass in the morning... really pushy and dominant, and I had to assert myself over him pretty much right as soon as I walked through the gate. But by the end of the day, he was following me around, and being a total mushpot. At one point he had his head rested on my arm while I was petting the top of his muzzle and the base of his ears, and his eyes started to close. It was sooooo cute. :3 He has a really damn solid temperament for a Doberman, too. Most of the Dobies I met have nerves that are shot to shit. Freakin' anxious, nervous, snappy breed, a lot of the time. But this young guy was solid. Not head shy at all. Wasn't defensive and didn't react badly at all to the times I had to step in and assert my authority over him. I took him for a march around the room on his choke chain (it's all he was wearing... I don't know what it is with people and only putting choke chains on Dobes...) and he followed pretty well. Did his sits and downs when asked. Was fine with having his ears, muzzle, paws, back end touched. Freakin' wonderful dog!

Bentley, our Great Dane/Greyhound cross, has decided that he's not too fond of Hugo, so I spent most of the morning making sure that the two of them didn't get into any scraps. Last week, Bentley got pissed at our Rottie, and suddenly jumped up and grabbed him by the scruff and started shaking him. Surprised the heck out of Rogue, but we got them apart before anything got too serious. Bentley's been getting tired and cranky a lot more lately, so we've been separating him from the group more frequently to give him a break.

The big boys are such pains in the asses sometimes, but I love them all the same. :3

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