June 19th, 2007

Wolf Jess

*singing* The Other Day... I Met A Bear.

So, yesterday Tim and I spent most of the day in downtown Vancouver at the passport office, trying to get my passport renewed. We’ve already spent the beginning of this week running around trying to get all of my new British Columbia ID in order (had to return my ID card, because the birth date was wrong - they had it down as Aug. 16th, instead of July 16th). So that’ll be another three to four weeks of waiting for a new BC ID, passport, and BC health card.

When we got home, Tim and I wanted to just relax with some meditation music, a massage and a bath. Especially since our landlord’s truck was nowhere to be seen (yes! No loud music or banging of hammers and other construction sounds!).

So we’re just about staring to unwind and getting into a nice romantic mood… when suddenly we hear this crash outside of our bedroom window. We just stop and sigh, thinking, crap… Martin’s home. Looks like we’ll be listening to banging for the rest of the night, since he’s still working on renovating the basement apartment.

So Tim and I get up and go to the window and look down to the lower level, expecting to see Martin and his dog Gunner out back. No Martin, though. It’s a bear. A freaking HUGE black bear had decided to visit our backyard, and knock over our landlord’s BBQ, and then proceeded to wrestle with the Propane tank! O__o

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