May 12th, 2007

VGC Jess

It Gets Even Better!!

You know that guy who e-mailed me the other day complaining to me that I wouldn’t draw him free art? I got another e-mail from him today:

Back during the middle ages and renaissance, people actually did work for money, and it was real money, not the peanuts you get nowadays. As to the issue of charity, let me tell you a little about me: I happen to be in a wheelchair. I have tried to commit suicide many times, and I feel it would be a good way to combat my depression if someone did me the favor of drawing a picture to let a little sunshine into my life. THAT is what I call charity. If you are unwilling to help me out, to hell with you and the rest of your capitalist friends.

I know I shouldn’t have, but this made me rather angry, that humanity can sink to this level, so I wrote him this, and I’m not even going to bother looking at anything else he sends me:

Wow... I never use my own fallbacks to get what I want. I suffer from random stress-related anxiety attacks, which cause severe chest pains and muscle spasms to my left arm and hand that can cause it to cramp up and go numb for hours at a time. As a result, I have a service dog who happens to be part Pit Bull - a type of dog that I support very much, hence the portfolio I am organizing to help stop breeds like her, and other misunderstood GOOD dogs, from being KILLED. Talk to me about Charity.

You have a LOT of nerve, buddy, pulling a guilt-trip on me, using your disability to get free goods from hard-working, HONEST people. Shame on you, sir. Shame. :(


I don’t talk about it very often at all because I’m not looking for the attention, but for those of you who don’t know, Zena’s been in training for about six months now as a certified assistance dog.

She started by accompanying me to work every day, because I didn’t feel safe walking home alone at night in the neighborhood I lived in back in Toronto. I’m nervous and paranoid of most people in general, and so she really helped to make me feel more secure. But since then she’s been everywhere with me, every day. As I’ve helped her grow self confidence in herself after her own trauma, she’s done the same for me, helping me to get over my fears in dealing with people on a constant basis (had a few really bad anxiety attacks while at work, and for a while I went through a bad stage where I didn’t even feel that I could leave my house, without having her there to support me).

Since a few months before my move to BC, my left hand started giving me a lot of problems, which gradually spread through my arm up to the elbow. The muscles will randomly cramp up or spasm, and sometimes my hand will go completely numb for hours. I’ll also get occasional sharp chest pains, totally at random, which are unpleasant to say the least. So Zena is being trained as an alarm and retrieving assistance dog, for times that I have difficulty.

While I recognize that I can make due without having an assistance dog, she has been a great help to me emotionally. Although her staying trained as an assistance dog will depend on whether or not these problems get better or worse. If they slowly get worse, I will be very grateful to have her around to help me. If they get better (which I’m hoping they will) she’ll get an early retirement.

But I cannot BELIEVE that anyone would be so SELFISH as to use their own physical disability to gain stuff from others. That just makes me utterly sick to my stomach.

Just had to vent. I’m done now. :)
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