April 28th, 2007

Wolf Jess

Working Like A Dog

First off, thank you to everyone who offered advice to my last post – it has been a perplexing situation, indeed. O__o If I did not reply back to your comment, please don’t think that I dismissed it. I’ve been taking everyone’s advice into consideration, and I really appreciate the help that was offered!

As for Miss Zee, she has still been having her ups and downs, though the past two weeks have been mostly positive. I did cut out the crate, for the most part, because it was just making her way too stressed, and Tim and I were not getting very much sleep with her panting in her crate all night. She will eat her food in her crate with no problems at all now, but I decided that making her sleep in there as well just wasn’t worth it, and so I’ve been leaving her out on the floor in our bedroom at night when we’re asleep. For a good while Zena spent her nights sleeping on Tim’s side of the bed, which hurt my feelings just a bit. >__< Though my days as The Horrible Monster is starting to diminish!

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