March 25th, 2006

Wolf Jess

All About Pets Show

So today I was able to skip out of work early, since we weren’t too horribly busy. I really wanted the day off to go to the All About Pets Show that’s been going on this weekend, in Mississauga. It’s basically a huge exhibit where people showcase different pet stuff. All kinds of pet products/foods/toys being sold, breeders and show dogs and cats, trainers and groomers, rescue groups, kennel/doggie camp services, agility and stunt dog shows. It was awesome. ^^ And of course I came home with a bunch of treats and new heavy-duty toys for my four pups (they were very grateful!). :-P

I went with my friend Sandra and her boyfriend, Gary. I’ve done a couple of logos for Sandra as she’s wanted to start up a breeding kennel for miniature Australian Shepherds, as well as a doggie daycare in the works. Her website is here for anyone who’s interested in seeing a mini Aussie. Today was the first time I had ever seen one before! They’re so cute! ^^

The two live on four acres of farm land in Ottawa, and since Sandra’s in Toronto once a month to visit her parents, she offered to pick me up and drive me to the show. :) It was really nice getting to meet another fellow dog-lover, and someone who I’ve had the great pleasure of doing business with in the past.

This is the first Ewe Turn Aussies I did for her kennel, and the second is the Extreme Aussies that I did for a friend of hers. Below is the most recent logo that I did for Sandra, for her doggie daycare. :)

Paradise Hound

While we were there, we were looking for a woman who does professional pet logos and cartoony/caricature-style work, but it turned out that she didn’t have a booth. Her website is here, for anyone who’s interested. Her work is pretty cute. ^^

Sandra suggested that next year I buy a booth and showcase my artwork. I personally think I still need to get a bit more professional, but by next year’s show I’ll have my new website up and hopefully have the confidence and time to do some more of my own artwork for showcasing.

Next event I plan on attending is the Rescue Me Walk-a-thon in June. I can’t wait! *wags*
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