June 21st, 2005

Wolf Jess

The Buzz Of My Life

We have babies at the vet clinic where I work! ^^ Little baby kittens. :) They’re SO cute!! And teeny. :-D D’awww. And of the seven of them, all but one have already been adopted. Yep, babies go very quickly. We also have a Siamese boarding with us, named Hot Wheels. ^.^ I really love that name for a cat, for some reason. I find it to at least be more original than the Fluffys and Pookies and Snuggles that we get in so very often. O.o I swear… people around here are SO not original when it comes to naming their pets. But he was a sweet little Siam. :) They’re my favorite breed of cat. If I were ever to own another cat, I would love to get another Siamese, as I really miss my old kitty, Blue. She was a good girl.

Yesterday was nice. My friend Solon came over and spent the night. He’s over every Monday night now, since we’ve gotten back to the usual routine of watching our weekly show. I barely ever watch TV anymore, (unless iron_raptor is over, and he somehow manages to find ALL of the best movies on whenever he comes to visit) but Solon and I have made a religion out of watching this one particular series every week, for the past five seasons. :-P Yes, I’m a nerd. ;) We also went out for Sushi, at the kick ass sushi place near me. Was cool. ^^

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