May 25th, 2005

Hellhound Jess


Well! I have finally started to come out of hiding, bit by bit. Getting out on the weekends more, and seeing friends that I haven’t seen in a while (missed you, pat_the_fox! And that was a wicked game of Capture The Bottle! *grins*).

I am finally getting closer down my list of commissions, with only six left to start before Anthrocon. _patches, I have a sketch for you! Just gotta e-mail it. blairkanine, your commish is partially colored, but it may take me a bit longer than I thought, because of the size. I forgot that my computer has very low memory when it comes to working with large resolution files. X.x bemanidog, yours is half colored!! Getting there! aubri, yours still needs to be colored. These are the ones I am CURRENTLY working on. Anyone I still owe, but haven’t mentioned, I’ll get to yours as soon as I’m done the ones I’m working on at the moment.

I’ve also been getting into major Con mode, and it has really boosted my artistic inspiration! I’ve got a new, larger badge design that I’ll be offering at AC, as commissions, as well as the standard sized badges with holders. I’ll also be handing out badges to friends. I wasn’t able to get any gift art done, with my backlog of commissions. But I wanted to do a little something for my friends, and since badges don’t take quite as much time as full-body commissions, I opted for that instead. I won’t give away any names, as they’re supposed to be a surprise. ;)

Also developing a few new sections to my website, that will be updated sometime after Anthrocon. Note to anyone out there who has a particular fondness for my Adult work, I will be removing my Adult Gallery!!! Time for some change! If you want to save any images, do it now, while they’re still up! :)

I was also by the little Art Emporium near me, to replenish some of my color pencils, and the nice old German dude who lives there was telling me how the next time I come in, I had better buy as many color pencils as I can, because apparently they’re discontinuing the Prismacolor brands! I was like, holy shit, no!! So I now know where a good chunk of my next paycheck will be going. I must get more Prismacolors! They rock so very much, and I will be so sad when I can no longer get any of the brand of Prismas I love so much!

Must go to work now, so I will update more later! ^^
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