February 28th, 2005

Hellhound Jess

Time To Take Action!!! >:(

Hello there. I am sending this letter to ALL dog lovers, animal rescue organizations, anyone, in the hopes that someone out there may help! We need some advice, or ANY kind of help with a situation that’s rapidly becoming way out of control. I’m really at a loss of how we can deal with this, and it just seems that every time we ask for help, we just keep getting bounced around from person to person, or blatantly ignored.

We have a friend who had some false charges of animal abuse made against him, originally from his mother. The whole case is absolute bunk, as he loves his two dogs to bits, and has always cared for them very well. Even his own Vet can, and has attested to this. The whole thing began with his mother pressing false charges of animal abuse against him. She had gotten into a fight with her son, kicked him out of her home, but held his two dogs (one a female Husky puppy, and the other a year old German Shepherd who was blind and epileptic). His mother didn’t want to care for his disabled dog, and so she had the OSPCA take her away. She signed his Shepherd over to them (even though it was not in her right to do, because HE is the legal owner of the dog; the dogs are licensed under HIS name, not his mother's). But his mother was then forced to sign over his Husky puppy as well, under the threat that if she did not, then the OSPCA would sieze his mother's own dog, as well. So the OSPCA simply took the two dogs, with absolutely NO proof of animal abuse whatsoever.

So for the past couple of months there has been this whole stupid battle over the dogs. The charges were recently withdrawn, because there was no evidence to prove that he had done any harm to them. The case didn't even make it to a courtroom. He loves his two dogs dearly, and is worried for their well being, now that they are in the hands of the OSPCA. His dogs were NOT abused. They were both in healthy condition. The OSPCA was only supposed to HOLD his dogs until a final decision was made. But the OSPCA proceeded to try and adopt out his puppy anyway, (even though they weren’t supposed to) and then he also recently found out that they put his Shepherd to sleep, once the OSPCA heard that there wasn't even a case.

They found out that his charges had been withdrawn, and so they killed his dog. The OSPCA is determined that he’ll not get his other dog back, even though the guy’s lawyer was issues a document stating that BY LAW the OSPCA HAS to give him the whereabouts of his remaining dog. Legally, they are supposed to give him his dog back. It’s HIS dog. Everything the OSPCA has done so far has been extremely immoral AND illegal, and now they’ve even gone so far as to try and charge our friend with Harassment, when ALL he wants is to have his dog back, which is in his legal right to have.

The Lawyer has faxed over the documents, has called. They don’t call back. In fact the lawyer, and our friend, have been told that they are not allowed anywhere on OSPCA property. Also, any friend who has called, even simply to enquire about the well being of the dogs, have also been threatened with harassment charges. We’ve tried calling the police, to see if they can do anything to help, but they have said that this has now become a Civil case, and they can’t do anything. We've even tried calling the MPP, and they, and the police, have agreed that what the OSPCA is doing is wrong, but so far no one seems to know what we can do about it. And to sue the OSPCA for Theft of Property, or anything at all, will require a ton of money, which our friend simply doesn’t have. As it stands now, he’s trying hard enough just to scrounge up the last bit of money he needs to pay his lawyer for the case, so far.

It really makes me feel sick to my stomach to know that we live in a society where people can do these kinds of cruel things. What kind of Justice System is this? The OSPCA is supposed to HELP animals, not put them in more harm’s way. And wherever we’ve turned to try and find help, so far, no one has cared enough to lend a helping hand.

As a dog owner, this kind of thing really makes me sad and angry, especially when I learned that his German Shepherd was put down, simply for being blind and epileptic. Our friend found her as a puppy, abandoned in the park, with trauma to the head, which is what caused her condition. He had the heart to take her in and care for her, and she’d still be alive today if the OSPCA would have done the right thing, and given her back to him. >.< Now, we’re all concerned for the Husky puppy that still remains, and our friend is just beside himself with worry that he’ll never see his baby again. He has every intention of suing the OSPCA, but by the time he manages to raise the money for it, who knows what will happen to his dog. :(

I am writing this, and making a plea to anyone out there who loves dogs, if you think you can help out in ANY way, please send an e-mail to glory@connection.com. Thank you for your time!

~Maia Davis
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