February 24th, 2005

Hellhound Jess


Well, I may very well have a third dog now. :} At least, I’m hoping so. We managed to find a home for Chance, but now we have two new doggies. I wrote a LJ entry a little while back, about the guy who had like 17 cats in our basement, plus his poor two dogs that he never took care of, who were at one point living in the guy’s van, in the middle of winter. O.o Well, we managed to get the dogs from him, telling him that we found a place that will board them. But he doesn’t know that he’s actually not getting them back. The bastard. >.< He doesn’t deserve to own ANY animals!! But anyway.

So now we have Skippy and Zena. Skippy’s an old (we’re guessing about ten years old) Australian shepherd. VERY good, calm dog. A little slow because of his age, but very loving. His only bad habit is barking in the middle of the night when all of the lights are out and people have gone to bed, because he hates being alone. So my mom’s started letting him sleep in her room with her. Skippy’s markings look like this dog’s:

Skippy Lookalike

Then Zena is a one-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. I have no idea what her other breed could be, but she’s teeny, like a Bull Staffie, and she has that big Staffie head. But her fur is a little longer than a Staff’s coat, and she’s got a very tightly curled tail. She’s adorable though! Albeit very active. :-P She tires Dakota out! But she’s very well behaved, for the most part. Not too bad on a leash. She’s finally getting the hang of being housebroken, (because this guy just let them both go to the bathroom wherever they wanted, inside the house) and she’s great with the cats, and all of our dogs. She looks a lot like this dog here, except she’s got white on her paws:

Zena Lookalike

The funny thing is that Taj used to treat Zena like she was vicious, just because of her breed. And I’ve seen the guy yell at her, when she wasn’t even doing anything bad, or he’ll tell people to stay away from her because “Oh! She’s a vicious dog! Back away!” She’s so not! In fact, she’s one of the most loving, big sucky, gimme attention type dogs I’ve ever known!

And so yeah, we’re supposed to be trying to find new homes for these two now as well, but I REALLY am in no hurry to find a place for Zena. In fact I’m VERY tempted to just flat out keep her, I love this dog so much. And that’s saying a lot for me, since I’m normally not very partial to female dogs, and never really saw myself ever owning a Pit/Staff type breed. Although eventually, sometime before I die, I’d love to own a Rottie. ^^ But Zena will be kind of hard to place anyway, especially because of the ban they’re trying to put on Pit Bull breeds here in Toronto.

Actually, while I was looking for pics of Staffies online, I came across a site where people were petitioning against the banning of the breed in the state of Georgia. O.o I thought to myself, figures there’d be a ban in the same State I may one of these days actually end up moving to. *smirks* So I signed the petition too. I figured I might as well, because I do like the breed, even if they do have a bad reputation. I mean, I DO know that Pits were originally bred for fighting. But also, many of the people who get them, get them as guard dogs, and so they’re usually trained to be mean. Then again, I have known cases where the dog was just too wild. Sometimes it’s bad breeding. I mean, if anyone could meet Zena, they’d see that she’s the SWEETEST dog you could ever know. This dog is SO well behaved, for being only one year old! But I think it's dumb to ban an entire breed of dog, because no matter what you do, there will always be stupid people out there who will treat their dogs badly. And then the good dogs get punished as well. :/

If you ban Pits and other Bully Breeds, people will just start getting Rottweilers, and Dobies, and Boxers, etc. They should honestly treat dog attacks – from ANY breed – on individual terms, and then deal with the owners of the crazy dogs. Punish them, or take action accordingly. But do NOT ban the ENTIRE breed. That's just stupid, and won’t solve a damn thing. >.< The only way to deal with it, is to punish/fine/arrest/ban the PEOPLE who are responsible for the animals, or deal with each individual animal on a case to case basis. And for anyone who was interested in reading or signing the petition, the links is here.

And for a bit of fun, the website includes this little test: See if you can spot the true American Pit Bull Terrier! I KNOW my dog breeds, and even this stumped me. O.o

Anywho, that’s enough from me tonight. :) *loves her puppies!*
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