February 22nd, 2005

Hellhound Jess

Back From Furry Weekend Atlanta!!!

So I’m back! I know I should have written up a con report like… last week, but I’ve been a little busy and preoccupied. A lot on my mind, oh yes. But those are things that will not be mentioned on my LJ. ;)

Nevertheless, on to my Furry Weekend Atlanta report! Hrmm, well, I did a lot of things. The entire weekend just kind of meshed into one big event in my life. I was Guest of Honor, along with Fel (he’s REALLY sweet! Had a lot of fun hanging with him, and playing Catch Phrase!). I did a couple of panels, and they went pretty well, too. Wasn’t nearly as nervous as I thought I’d be. :) I was given an FWA STAFF Jersey as a gift from the Chairman, Tigerpaw, and his wonderful staff. Thank you, guys!! ^^

I sat at a dealer’s table for a good chunk of the con, and drew lots of badges!! :} Also got quite a few new commissions. I’m done about two of like, fifteen. O.x So to those I owe commissions to, thanks for being patient with me! I met a lot of friendly new people, as well as hung out with old friends. Missed you guys!

Spent a night at Jay’s place, and was horribly late getting back to the con on Sunday. :-P Sorry for that… but at least we brought back chocolate brownies that Jay’s mom baked for us! They were good. ^^ Mmmm… I got to spend time with Mr. 2 Gryphy, and I had lots of fun with him, too. ^^ Went to a couple special GoH, and God Level members/Staff dinners. Was a lot of fun, and the food was great! We headed over to Fossil and Bonk’s place for a bit Sunday night, and that was cool! Fossil, you are Teh Rawk! ;) And finally got properly introduced to Lizardbeth. Her art is cool. ^^

I managed to talk Blue into actually drawing stuff in the Artists Ally this year and she actually SOLD a couple pieces! I knew she could! She just needed some more confidence in herself. :) I’m glad she actually really enjoyed this con, and she said she’d come back again with me next year. ^^ Apparently FWA will be held in a bigger hotel next year, and I now have a Lifetime Free Membership. :)

I really enjoyed this con, and I will definitely come back next year! Even if the flight there part scared me to death. X.x But I came away from the con very grateful and honored to have been one of their Guests of Honor, met some new friends, and also bought some new art supplies! I will be all decked out with new stuff for Anthrocon! Yay!

And now for today’s events: Collapse )

Mmmm… my job is very interesting. At least it’s educational! And the experience is good for me. :) As for my *other* job… it’s back to commissions. I’m hoping I can have them all done by the end of March, and then I’m taking a break until Anthrocon. Yep. Looking forward to it! *waggles* ^^
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