May 5th, 2004

Hellhound Jess

More Mushiness!

Mmmm… Well first off, I just wanna say thank you to all of the folks out there who gave me support from my last post. Yeah… that rather upset me… but I’m feeling MUCH better now. So thanks to all who showed that they really cared. I know who my real friends are. :) *hugs to all!*

Yesterday was good. :) Talked to huskie666 on the phone for nearly two hours, about all kinds of stuffage. She rawks, and she is so getting more gift art from me whenever I have free time again. :-P (Subliminal message: Buy art from her… and then… buy art from me too! I need monies!)

Then I talked to my baby birdie for about forty minutes. Heee… he makes me feel all fluffy. ^^ And we had a cute conversation online today, which I’ve taken the liberty of putting behind a LJ-cut so that people who don’t wanna get tooth-rot can skip over. :}

Collapse )

Heheheh… Yeah. I SO have my next pic idea, as soon as I’m done coloring my last two commissions. :-P *is such a sap* Yee. The bird makes me giddy. ^^ Gonna go color now. :)
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