April 16th, 2004

Hellhound Jess

Silly Wolfness

How High Is Your Sex Drive?
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Wow... I didn't know I had such a high sex drive. O.o

*looks around for somebody to pounce!* SEXXXXXXXXX!!! GIMME GIMME! *pantpant!*
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Hellhound Jess


OMG…. HAPPY wuff! I’m feeling so very mellow and lovely this morning. I’m in a dream-like state, and thinking of things that make me happy. Murr! Good music, and talking to good friends always makes me feel uber nice and all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m in a very romantic mood. Just a big sappy mush-fest right now. I like thinking about the tender moments in life that you can spend with someone special. And it’s especially all the little things that can leave the biggest impressions, and mean the most to someone.

Staying up all night, and talking until the early hours of the morning. Listening to music. Walking hand in hand. Going to a restaurant, and sharing a small meal. Or just staying in for the evening, and curl up on a couch, watching a movie. Being cuddled up all warm and snug against someone, and gently caressing each other’s arms. Softly playing with hands and fingers. Giving tender, sweet kisses, and just enjoying each other’s company. Wrestling and tickling. Laughing, and playing. Joking, teasing, just goofing off and being silly.

These are all things I like to think about, and I’m instantly taken to those happy times. ^^ I’m right there, feeling everything right here, right now. I can make it last forever. *melts* Yep. I’ll be going to bed happy this morning. ^^
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