March 19th, 2004

Hellhound Jess


Yay! I'm SICK! Isn't that great? :-P I just spent the last 20 minutes sneezing my brains out. Ugh. That's okay though... I'm not too upset. Better to get sick now, I say, so that by the time I leave for Arkansas (two more weeks! *squeak!*) I'll be all healthy and happy and bouncy again. :)

So for now, no more outings for me. This month I already attended the Feral Party, and also headed over to Wookiee's place with Torrle, Ash, Hiker and Khaki... so I think I've had my fill of socializing for this month. Besides, I don't want to make anyone else sick, and I still have a bit of artwork to finish, and my time is running out.

Two more weeks until I get to have FUN at the NARFA Cube with 2 Gryphony, and RikuBunneh, and Jakebirdie! YEEEEE!!!! I can't wait! I want April to come NOW! *bounces around... then sneezes and lands flat on her tush* O.o
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Hellhound Jess

Meh... Might As Well.

If you call me Maia, then you're either my parents, old school friends, or you don't know me very well.
If you call me Jessie T. Wolf, then you know me from online.
If you call me Jesse T Wolf, you're 2_gryphon.
If you call me Jessie or Jess, then you probably know me fairly well and are a good friend.
If you call me Wlfdog, then you know me from my LJ.
If you call me Wuff, then you are either 2_gryphon or torrle, and mebbe a couple others.
If you call me Cute Stuff, then you are kamberlane.
If you call me Dearie, then you are either jakebe or foxfuzz.
If you call me before 12pm, I will eat your head.
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