Jessie T. Wolf (wlfdog) wrote,
Jessie T. Wolf

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Meh... Might As Well.

If you call me Maia, then you're either my parents, old school friends, or you don't know me very well.
If you call me Jessie T. Wolf, then you know me from online.
If you call me Jesse T Wolf, you're 2_gryphon.
If you call me Jessie or Jess, then you probably know me fairly well and are a good friend.
If you call me Wlfdog, then you know me from my LJ.
If you call me Wuff, then you are either 2_gryphon or torrle, and mebbe a couple others.
If you call me Cute Stuff, then you are kamberlane.
If you call me Dearie, then you are either jakebe or foxfuzz.
If you call me before 12pm, I will eat your head.
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