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Yay! I'm SICK! Isn't that great? :-P I just spent the last 20 minutes sneezing my brains out. Ugh. That's okay though... I'm not too upset. Better to get sick now, I say, so that by the time I leave for Arkansas (two more weeks! *squeak!*) I'll be all healthy and happy and bouncy again. :)

So for now, no more outings for me. This month I already attended the Feral Party, and also headed over to Wookiee's place with Torrle, Ash, Hiker and Khaki... so I think I've had my fill of socializing for this month. Besides, I don't want to make anyone else sick, and I still have a bit of artwork to finish, and my time is running out.

Two more weeks until I get to have FUN at the NARFA Cube with 2 Gryphony, and RikuBunneh, and Jakebirdie! YEEEEE!!!! I can't wait! I want April to come NOW! *bounces around... then sneezes and lands flat on her tush* O.o
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