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Yay, Stuff!

Well, I finally got some artwork done today. Finished that commission that dude wanted, just cos I was almost done the damn thing anyway. He sent me an e-mail saying he'll send a money order out on Saturday, so hopefully that goes well. Also finished a gift piece for frisket17. Hope you're enjoying your visit with Ty! ^^ When I get up I'll finish the little bit that's left of the Feral '05 ad that potoroo asked for so I can show it to him at the Feral party on Saturday.

Tonight rexxwolfe picked me up, and he, ashbearfox, and I went to hang out at torrle's place. We spent most of the night just watching cool clips off of Torrle's computer, including some of the G.I. Joe clips (so very WTF?), Don Hurtzfeltd's "Rejection," and this crazy German forklift training video that had lots blood and gore. :-P The crazy part is that it's an ACTUAL training video! Anyway, we had a lot of fun, and I got chocolate cake, so I is a happy wolfy. :)

Oh, and kamberlane, if you're reading this, I'll start doing the sketch for your 'mish within the next couple of days, since I actually have my workload back on track now. :) *hugs* Nighty y'all!
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