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Anger Management

So, for the past couple weeks or so, I’ve been going through major drama HELL! In my life, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. But it NEVER ends. And I pride myself on trying to stay cool about things, and keeping my head. I try to think things through logically, and see all points of views. I never choose sides, but if someone is being stupid, I speak out and tell them so.

Now, recently a close friend of mine got to see my evil side. For those of you who know me well, you also know that as nice as I am, if you cross a line with me, I can be an utter BITCH. Fortunately though, it takes quite a bit to make me angry. But when I am, I turn into this tiny little fuzzy, foaming at the mouth, snapping ball of fury. Ya don’t wanna piss me off. I get nasty and blunt, and for most people, my rage puts them in a state of shock. Said friend who got to see this side of me was utterly terrified, and has vowed to try not to ever piss me off again because it scared the living hell out of him.

Thing is, when I get THAT mad about something, I never lose my ability to think clearly. Oddly enough, when I’m angry, I’m able to keep a firm grip on matters. Things I say when I’m angry usually have very strong and valid points. They’re not just senseless ramblings. Although I’ll admit that I have a tendency to go on and on, and repeat myself out of frustration.

To quote ganadorrex: “You are NOT stupid and that’s one of the reasons you pull me in so much… because unlike many women out there... you make SENSE. I think you’re smart... and have good reasoning’s... like my mother. Unfortunately, like my mother, you can also be Satan.”

I just found his comment to be very amusing, cos it’s very true. :} But in any case, now that drama is finally over and dealt with, (for now anyway…) things are good, and I’m happy and frolicy again. So sorry to those I’ve been a bit snappish at because of being stressed. All is cool now.

Back to my artwork I go.
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