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Brain Candy!

Last night I went to my old high school with my parents, to see the Wexford Variety Show that the Music Theatre program does every year. When I was attending Wexford, I was in the Visual Arts program, and now my younger sister is in Music Theatre, so we go at least twice a year to see her perform in the shows. As well as the variety shows, they always do one big theatrical performance (last year was Kiss Me Kate, the year before that was The Music Man, and this year they’re doing Jesus Christ Superstar).

Anyway, it was FABULOUS, as usual. It’s about a three hour long show, with a lot of singing, dancing, scenes from Broadway musicals and lots of original comedy skits. :) I’ve always appreciated good music and dancing, and so this, for me, was an absolute brain orgasm!! The kids at Wexford are truly talented, and I know a lot of them will make it really far in life. Talent like that you just can’t ignore. And there was also a lot of eye-candy. ;) There’s this one little Russian boy in particular who is just TOO cute! His name is Miguel, and he’s just a short little guy, but he’s one of the top male dancers, and took ballet lessons for goodness knows how many years. He’s the guy they always stick up front dancing shirtless with some pretty girl, and lifting her up in the air. I tell ya, with all the cute guys they have at that school now, it makes me wish I were back in high school! O.o

I did run into one of my old school buddies tho, Tyler. Back then I used to hang with the Goths/Rocker group, and Ty was one of the few guys in the group. He used to come to school every day in drag, very Rocky Horror style. Fishnets, skirts, makeup, and BIG poofy wild hair that was dyed a different color practically every week. And he was also the lead base player in the school band that all the girls would go absolutely wild for. I bumped into him after the Variety show last night, and he’s changed so much! He was looking all formal-like, in a suit and tie, and his hair was cut short and slicked back, and he introduced me to his new girlfriend. He’s apparently doing a co-op at a funeral home (yep, that’s the same ol’ Ty) and he’d doing fairly well. It’s so funny to meet your friends three years after graduation and see how much they’ve changed/grown. He still rocks tho, and I should send him an E-mail before I forget. :-P

Iron Raptor was hanging at my place today as well, and I was telling him all about the show. I really wish he had seen it, cos it was just that great, but hopefully my sis will get a tape of it at the end of the school year to add to her collection. In any case, I showed him the tape of last year’s Variety show, and he was thoroughly amused. Although they cut out one of my favorite dances, where they had a segment of these girls dancing seductively in these wooden wine tubs (where they step on grapes to make wine). They had another segment where Miguel got to do a pretty close, intimate dance with this other girl, but I guess they cut it out of the tape because that whole segment was a bit risqué and they showed a lot of skin for a high school production. But it was my favorite, dammit! Oh well, so no shirtless Miguel for me. Hopefully next year. ;)
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