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The Naked Truth

Here’s an update from my outing the other day. I got together with some friends who I haven't seen in over a year, and I brought Barkley along, since lately he's decided that he's going to be a pain in the tail and have accidents all over the house whenever I decide to leave. x.X

Anyway, Con couldn't make it, so WolfFreak came to pick me up at 10am, (I am sooo not a morning person) and we drove to Hamilton to pick up redstorm. We didn't really have anything planned out, so we just kinda did everything spontaneously. So we took a nice trek through the woods and saw some waterfalls. Barkley had an especially good time, and it was nice to see him running around. He was really good all day, actually, even when we had to keep him locked up in Freak's van for an hour or two, so we could get food.

Then we popped by Rainwolf’s place for a bit. He had too much paperwork to get done to come and join us, but the brief visit was nice anyway. After that we went to a buffet dinner at Tucker's Marketplace. Oh. My. God. I LOVED the desserts!! Especially the fruit cocktail with chocolate whipped cream! *drooools* I swear I wanted to just take the whole mountain of whipped cream home with me! My poor tummy was screaming at me, I ate so much. *blushes* But it was good. ^^ We were going to try to see a movie afterwards, but it got too late, and there was nothing good playing anyway.

So I got home at around 9pm, fairly earlier than I had originally expected. I was so tired, I thought I was going to just crash right away, but instead I stayed up to color a little bit, and then had a shower, since our shower head is working again... kinda. Well, better than it was before. >.<

Another thing: what the hell is up with my mother?? O.o I swear to god, I finally got her to actually start knocking before just coming into my room unannounced, and I think she tripped a few brain cells or something. I’m getting out of the shower, and I had just hung my towel back up. So I'm standing there, nekkid as the day I was born, and my mom suddenly pops her head in from behind the door and proceeds to start a conversation with me... while I'm standing there nekkid!! I'm like, MOM!! And she does the “oops” thing, and so walks into my room and sits down at my computer, and starts looking at what's on the screen (thank goodness it wasn't porn... not that my mom doesn't already know I draw Yiff stuff).

I love my mom and all, and I know she doesn't mean to do these things. She seriously just doesn't think about it, or doesn't see what the big deal is. But I mean... bah! >.< Let's have SOME common courtesy, PLEASE. She did finally leave when she clued in to the whole wrongness of the situation, but damn, I need my privacy back in a fierce way. O.o I can't even lock my door, because if she finds out it's locked she freaks out on me and yells at me to keep it unlocked, cos what if there's an emergency one day, and she tries to get to me and she can't cos my door's locked, and blahblahblah. *sighs and flicks her ears*

I think this is also why I'm particularly territorial when it comes to my room, and why I really don't like people sleeping in my room on overnight stays anymore if I can help it. I just get to a point where I get kinda bitchy and kick everyone into the next room, cos I LIKE my privacy, and that's that. I really don't even know if I'll have the funds to move out in June like I wanted to. Which means I'll have to put up with this place and my lack of privacy for that much longer. Ugh. >.
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