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So here I am, sitting at the computer in my underwear, drinking Coke and eating pizza, with my heater up full blast. Just being a general lazy ass (despite having artwork to finish… meh, I’ll do it later).

Today was interesting. Since I finally got a bit of money from Vesna, I was able to take my boys into the vet's today to get their booster shots, which were two months overdue. And they actually got their information RIGHT this year! :-P Every year I do boosters they write down the wrong info for their records. Blah. Barkley was great for his shots this year, and Dakota didn't scream his head off this time... he just knocked over the doctor trying to get the hell out of the examining room. :} My dogs are chicken shits.

I also finally caved and gave Barks a bath tonight, despite practically breaking my back to do it from bending over the tub. I miss my Bath and Grooming days, when I could work with an elevated tub! And rinsing shampoo out of a dog's fur with Tupperware is the BIGGEST pain in the tail EVAR! I hate not being able to rinse properly. :/ But it SO needed to be done, cos he just reeked of friggin cat piss. >.< I hate the amount of animals in this house.

Anyway, plans for when I wake up: going to hang out with some of my old Were friends later today. Haven't seen them in about a year, one of them being my British wolfy friend, redstorm, who is in town for a little while. I miss hanging out with y'all! *hugshugs!* So I'll have an update on that later today. G'night! :)
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