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So, I had a friend over today. Actually met him today for the first time after chatting with him off and on over AIM for the past like, almost two years or so. So today he drove all the way down from Kitchener to visit me, although I felt kind of bad because I spent most of his visit ignoring him. O.o I'm really not that great with company, especially when meeting for the first time, and my comfort level was a bit fluttery so I kept my distance from him a bit, despite him trying to be all friendly like. Thankfully he understood though, which I'm very grateful for. But we didn't have a bad time. Watched a movie, and listened to some CDs. He introduced me to Eddie Izzard, ( which was some pretty cool stuff. ;) Yay for transvestites! We both have a fondness for comedy, so in turn I subjected him to some of 2_gryphon's material, which he found quite amusing. :}

So all in all, today was a pretty good day, and I managed to get some artwork finished. I also got a gift art piece done for goldenwolfen which can be viewed here. I have one more commission that I need to finish. It's already inked and ready to be colored, but the guy still hasn't paid me yet, so until I get his money order in the mail, it can wait to be colored. Sometime this week I also wanna start sketching up some new design ideas for my Furnation site, since Wookiee's helping me update this month. Hopefully by the end of this month I'll have a Commissions and Gift Art section up and running. ^^ *wags*

In the meantime I've decided to start doing more gift art, just cos I love drawing other people's characters. It's a fun challenge for me, and it makes the people I draw for happy, so I dig it. :) Folks who can expect artage sometime this month:
kamberlane, frisket17, ebonytigress. And finally, rikusho, and jakebe, I'll have pics for you two for when I come visit yaz at the NARFA Cube in April. ;) More gift art coming next month, so keep your eyes peeled. :)
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