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Skater Jesus!

A friend of mine forwarded this to my e-mail, and I found it amusing enough to put up here in LJ:

"I was checking out the U.S. Department of the Faith's website the other day, and I found an article detailing how the department was creating a Jesus mod for the popular Play Station 2 game 'Tony Hawk's Underground.' In the mod all of the game settings are set to 'God Mode' so that Jesus can perform miraculous tricks and flips and win every level! Also, when you talk to other characters in the game, you are given the ability to kill the skaters who are not 'saved' in the eyes of Christ! Check out this screen shot from the game."


"I don't know about you, but I can't wait to try this out and get some 'Christ Air' on my skateboard! Even better, the developers are also creating a Jesus mod for the first-person shooter game 'Unreal Tournament 2003!' You can see the article here ("

Dude...rawk! :-P
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