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I wish it were legal to beat the living shit out of people with a shovel, cos that's EXACTLY what I wanna do to this woman. >.<

I'm STILL fighting with Calvin's owner about this whole fostering situation. I thought my troubles were finally over, but that would be asking for just a little too much, now wouldn't it? *smirks* Vesna hasn't called, hasn't visited, and hasn't paid me for Calvin's care in four months. I tried calling her cell phone over and over again, but got no answer. I thought she had finally abandoned him, and so I managed to get a hold of her daughter, Nina, about a week ago to ask her what was going on.

She said that the last time she talked to her mother she had told her that she hadn't been paying for Calvin's boarding, and that she had no money and was too ashamed to call me. When I explained how frustrated the situation was making me, Nina agreed with me, saying that she never agreed with her mother about putting Calvin to sleep. She loves the dog as well, but at least she recognized that they couldn't afford to keep him, and she told me that she would rather see him in a happy home. Apparently Calvin was originally Nina's dog to begin with, and so she gave me the consent to find him a new home.

So I though, well great! That puts an end to all of this bullshit, and it just so happened I had a friend who was willing to adopt him as well! But then Vesna called me up a couple days ago, asking to come visit, and saying that she had $300 of the $800 she owes me. So I said fine, she could come visit, and she came over today. We sat down, and I tried talking to her again about giving Calvin up for adoption, explaining to her that it's not fair to the dog. I told her I felt bad about all of the money she owed me, that she should be using that money to take care of herself. She couldn't afford to keep a dog, and hasn't been able to properly care for him in over a year now. That I had a trusted friend who could give him a great home. She told me that she trusted me to make the right decisions for Calvin, yet she’s not LETTING me do things that are in his best interest.

So she still refused, saying nonono, she'd just have him put to sleep. I said NO, putting him to sleep was not an option, and that I would take him away by force if she kept up that crap. So she said fine, then she'd eventually pay me back the money she owes me, but find someone else who'd be willing to take her dog for the same arrangement of $200 a month, plus food expenses. She also tried calling her daughter after I told her that Nina gave me her Okay to find Calvin a new home.

I feel so helpless, like I can't do anything. I've been fighting for this dog for eight bloody months now, and I'm almost getting to the point where I just wanna kick him the hell out cos he's caused me such a strenuous headache! >.< But then I remind myself that it's not the dog's fault... it's his stupid bitch of a master!! This woman makes me wanna grind my own teeth in anger, she's so f*cking selfish! And today for the first time during this whole mess, I actually just broke down and cried. I already finished going through a bunch of bullshit a couple weeks ago that my friends were gracious enough to help me get through... I don't need more bullshit!!

But being the kind soul that I am, I feel obligated to help this dog. I took Calvin on, he's my responsibility now. And quite frankly I don't trust his owner at all to find someone else to take care of him. So today I e-mailed the German Shepherd Rescue Toronto group, to see if they would possibly help. I don't know if they rescue mixed breeds, but I thought I would try anyway, and asked them if they knew of anyone who would possibly foster Calvin. Since I can't actually adopt him out to anyone, Vesna at least agreed to find someone else to foster him, until she's finally able to take him back. Although I don't know if there's anyone out there who’d be willing to accept him and have to deal with his crazy-ass owner. But I figure, just get him into a new foster home, and then once he's there and safe, let his new foster owners decide what to do with him. If they wanna take action against his owner, let 'em.

I'm just not capable of being mean to the lady, and just giving her dog away behind her back. Or I think it's more because I'm just deathly afraid of what kind of trouble she could cause for us if she ever decided to call the police on us. I'm especially worried because my mom does rescue work as well; she rescues cats (yeah, yeah... no crazy cat lady jokes!) and adopts them out to caring homes. But because of her love for these critters, we unfortunately now have way more than what is legal. O.o So if the cops ever came to our door, I guarantee they would all be hauled off and put to their deaths. And that's the last thing I wanna be around here for. This is also one of the MAJOR reasons why I wanna move the hell out of this house.

So yeah, anyone out there know of anyone who would be willing to foster Calvin, PLEASE let me know, because I just can't do it anymore, or my brain is gonna explode. >.< I love the dog, but I just can't deal with his owner anymore. I dunno, mebbe I'm just not strong enough... he's SUCH a sweet dog though, and he doesn't deserve all of this shit… *sighs and rubs her temples*

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