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Drunken Glory

Today was a VERY good day. Yes. I haven't felt so blissful in like… I can't even remember when. Started the day off running errands. Going to the bank, and mailing off more artwork, and stopping by the art emporium near me to get some more Prismacolor pencil crayons that I was running out of. I love the cool art emporium guy. ^^ He's such a nice old dude, and always makes me feel happy, and sometimes gives a discount here and there.

Then I met Iron Raptor back at home, since he'll be spending a couple of days at my house. Bluey is supposed to come over on Sunday, back from her trip to Chicago, so that will be cool.

We also went to potoroo's place tonight for an art jam. Just got home not too long ago actually. And I'm kinda very tipsy still. Mango/kiwi Vex+Vodka and grape coolaid=happy wolfy. :} I got in a lot of social time, and wily gave me some killer orgasmic backrubs, and also cracked my spine back into place. O.o Thank you kitty! *HUGS* I really needed that after all of the stressful shit I've been going through these past couple of weeks.

So all in all, I've been doing good. And later today, when I wake up, I'm going to try to work on finishing commissions, and possibly start inking the ad for Feral '05 that I got sketched tonight. I've been feeling productive lately. I just hope I can keep it up. :-P

Anyway, bed time for this tipsy wolf. *passes out*
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