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Puppy Love!

I got a new baby!!! ^^ Like I need another dog... *smirks* There are currently four dogs living with us. First, there are my two; a shepherd named Barkley, and a husky/lab cross named Dakota. Then Blue has her dog, Sweetie, who's a coyote/husky cross. And then there's Calvin, who's a shepherd/collie cross I'm taking care of for this lady, until she can find a new job and place to keep him. So little William is now the fifth addition to our zoo. But this little guy was a special case that I just couldn't say no to.

There's a dog park just down the street from where I live, where I take my own two dogs to quite frequently. Yesterday one of the dog owners asked me if I knew anyone who would be interested in adopting a nine week old dalmatian puppy. Turned out her neighbors just got this dog a little over a week ago, and apparently once they found out that he had accidents in the house, they decided that he was too much trouble to take care of. >.<

You know... people never cease to amaze me... They complained about the accidents, even though they never let him out enough. They said that they didn't want to pick up his poop because it made them sick. So they kept him outside by himself all day. The son cried cos the puppy bit and jumped up on him (he's a PUPPY for goodness sake!!). So they were trying to sell him for $300. Then $100. Then finally they just said, "we don't care, just get rid of him."

So I paid them a little visit today, and said that I'd give them $60 to pay for his shots, and I'd take him. They were kind of hesitant at first, and I said I know it wasn't much money, but at least he would be going to a good home, and so they finally agreed. I even told them that they could walk home with me and see where he'd be staying, since they lived so close by.

Our house is like a safe haven for animals. Not only would Willy have the company of other dogs, but we have a huge backyard with a large fenced in dog run. My dogs are spoiled, they get lots of treats and lots of toys. They own the furniture. O.o And eventually our garage is going to be turned into a play area just for them.

Now, because we already have so many animals, Willy is not going to be staying here permanently, sadly. I had a talk with my good buddy Iron Raptor last night, since I know he's been wanting a dog for a little while now. Unfortunately, because of the construction that's being done to their house, he can't keep a dog right now. But he told me he's talked with him mom, and she's willing to let him take Willy once their house is livable again. :) Thank you IR!!!!! *HUGS*

So until IR can take him, I get to live with the joy of having a puppy around the house again! ^^ *wags* Willy is sleeping at my feet as I type this. He is SO cute, and he's SUCH a good boy! I don't know how anyone could have possibly wanted to give him up! It's going to be a very exciting next few months! :)
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