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Well, I just got home from a nice gathering with friends. Went out with rexxwolfe, ashbearfox, entropicana, and others. We went out to Jack Astor's for dinner, and Ash got me on a sugar fix when he ordered a BIG chocolate sundae to share. Mmmmmm... chocolate. ^^ *wags* Then we went back to Tony's place to hang out. Watched some Bill Plympton films (rawk! I LOVE his animation!) and listened to some tracks from Avenue Q. Heee. And we ended the night by watching “Eight Legged Freaks” which was the best B-movie evaaar! I want a giant spider. ^^

And looky! I'm actually SLEEPY, and it's BEFORE 6am! Whoot! (Sorry Ganny... I'm getting better though! I promise!) I go sleep now.

Marriage is love.
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