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Do Furs NOT Know What "Personal Space" Is??

Seriously. O.o I know that frisket17 had the same problem recently too, but I'm just adding my own two sense here. I recently got a new commission, and the guy asked me if we could swap IM info so that we could keep in contact that way. I have no problem with this, so I said yes. What I DO have a problem with is when the first thing I'm messaged is, "Hugs, and licks your muzzle."

Okay, a note to everyone out there reading this, if I don't know you, PLEASE don't greet me like that. I don't like it. It does the very opposite of making me want to be your friend. It makes me very uncomfortable and snappy, and I'll only want to stay the hell away from you.

I'm very friendly and happy, and I like meeting new people. But there's a very fine line between making friends, and then just talking to people for the sake of being friendly and social. Just because I talk to you once in a while doesn't automatically make me your friend. In fact I talk to so many people off and on, that sometimes I forget who is who. I don't mean to, it's just one of those things that tend to happen to most artists in the fandom.

Now, I'm not trying to be a bitch here. But there are just certain things you don't do. Being overly friendly with someone you don't even know is one of those things that you just don't do. Especially when asking for a commission from me! O.o I like to keep that kind of thing very professional, and don't like things getting personal. So please, if you wanna talk commissions, let's just stick to talking business.

I know a lot of people. I have a lot of general friends; people which I've known for a while, and who actually know personal things about me. And even then, my circle of VERY close, best friends of many years is even smaller. If you want to chat and be friendly with me, I'm all up for it! Just please keep in mind that I'm not the mushy cuddly type with people I don't know, and I'm not just going to put my entire trust into you, and tell you everything about myself right away.

Friendships are built. They don’t just come already assembled.
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