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A Rose By Any Other Name...

Today Raptor and I got into a discussion about art… not too surprising. We were talking about the value of art based off of appreciation of style versus the artist’s recognition. I’m sure this is an old topic, but it’s one that just seems to pop up every now and then. This time in particular because I came across a few pieces on FurBid that managed to sell for like… LOTS of money, and my jaw just dropped in awe. Just one of those things that makes your brain wanna explode from the sheer shock value.

You know, I’ve always wondered just WHY things are based off of fame. It doesn’t matter if you draw like shit, just because as long as you have a name to back yourself up with, your artwork will sell regardless. That’s been proven with that whole “Stick Vixen” thing ages ago, and it just makes me wanna cry. Although given, most well known artists don’t sell crap, otherwise they wouldn’t be well known. They’ve worked hard to get to where they are, and they deserve the attention that they get.

But it makes me sad when I see other artists, and their work is AMAZINGLY good, yet will sell for so very little, if even at all, and all because they’re not well known. Granted, FurBid is not the best place to try to auction off artwork, especially if you’re not well known. But it’s SO sad! I’ve seen greatly detailed, beautiful pieces of artwork sell for like $10, when it should have gone for like $40. I’ve seen bigger named artists sell drawings that even I could do about as equally well for a couple hundred dollars, and it just baffles my mind. O.o

Now, I don’t get annoyed so much with the artists, as I do with the buyers. A lot of artists start off at fairly reasonable prices, and their work is worth every penny, if not a bit more. For some reason tho, I can’t help but go “Blah!” when I see buyers bidwar like mad over certain pieces, getting up to crazy prices, simply because of the artists’ name. Soon it’s not even about the appreciation value of the artwork, and it turns into an outright fight over who wins. Sometimes I wonder if the people even really HAVE that money to spend. O.o When I heard about that painting of Goldenwolf’s that sold for $10,000, I just about had a heart attack, thinking, “Good GRIEF! How on earth can anyone afford that?? That’s like, a down payment on a house, for goodness sake!”

And it’s not just Furry Artists either. I was watching Ripley’s one day, and they had a blurb on this one restaurant where they uses an “art form” of serving their food. They basically get these model women to lay on a table in the nude, and then place the food on her in creative ways. They charge up to $1000 a plate just to eat off of some nekkid chick! X.x I can’t help but think that money like that could SO be going to other things, like, I dunno... feeding the hungry or something. Doing SOMEthing to make this world a better place anyway. Or maybe I’m just really naive like that.

But anyway, the purpose of this rant isn’t to badmouth artists at all, considering I have a lot of fellow artist friends who are very good at what they do and should be damn proud of their work. I’m not bitching about artists that make a lot of money. I’m simply saying that it seems a bit unfair that the value of artwork is usually based off of weather or not the artist has a name, rather than the actual work and talent that an individual puts into their work. Honestly, if I ever become one of those well-known artists, I am never going to let it go to my head. In fact, I’m going to try my damnest to support and advertise the talented lesser knowns. It’s just something I think about every now and then.
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