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Jessie T. Wolf
January 22nd, 2011
02:01 pm


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Newborn Puppy Pics!

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Date:January 23rd, 2011 08:43 pm (UTC)
Any surgery is a health risk. Unless the vets doing the docking are heartless beasts then the puppies would have had to get at least a minimal dose of anesthetic before surgery, and that in itself holds dangers, no matter how small. Then there is the risk of infection as the stump that used to be a tail heals up. So yes, it is a health risk because tiny animals are being put through a completely unnecessary medical procedure with all the risks that the simplest of medical procedures always holds. I'll never be OK with it just like I'll never be OK with some of the things people do to their own human children.
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Date:January 23rd, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
The puppies get a topical anesthetic, that numbs the incision area. And fine, true then, with any surgery there is a risk of infection, so I retract my comment of saying it isn't a health risk. But then with every type of surgery, this is why a good vet will take the best care and prescribe antibiotics and painkillers, and have the owner check each puppy daily for signs of anything unusual.

In that case then, if you think along the lines that cropping and docking is cruel and not worth risking the puppies' health, then by similar logic spaying and neutering is a health risk as well, and therefore unnecessary.

I chose to keep Jango intact, and I may get flack for that from other die-hard animal rights people who feel that not spaying and neutering is murder. I may also get flack from people saying that I'm an irresponsible pet owner who should never own an animal again because I chose to breed my dog (for health and temperament) and thus I'm adding to the pet overpopulation problem. So, why don't you tell me what a cruel person I am for doing what I did? You know well enough that I am stupidly devoted to my animals. I take better care of them than myself, usually.

Please remember Mewmew, I have never said that you should be okay with docking and cropping. I myself, *once again* prefer my tails and ears natural. But, as an open mined person, I also do my research and educate myself about the processes. I used to work at a vet clinic after all.

I compare this to the people who believe that Pit Bulls are all vicious, child-killing monsters. Now, you and I know that's not true... but I know the breed very well, and I will never deny that when a Pit Bull type breed bites, it does do a severe amount of damage. But most well socialized and well-trained Pits will never be a safety risk. I wish that more Pit Bull haters would take the time to do their research on the breed before making such a claim about them, as well as accusing all Pit Bull owners of being abusive people, who are into drugs and violence. But I also respect that if certain people are terrified of the breed, then they probably have a good reason for it. I would never tell someone who's loved one was attacked by a Pit type to change their opinion of them, because it simply won't happen. All you can do is try to educate people.

In the end, everyone will have an opinion, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But with that said, and with all due respect, please stop going off on my journal about how wrong it is to crop and dock. If you're that bothered by it, write about it in your own journal. It might make you feel better, and no doubt your LJ friends will agree with you, and make you feel better about your opinion. I am neutral on the subject, and will always stay neutral about it.
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