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Yes, I'm Still Alive

Hi Internets! Long time no see. :-P My life has been a roller coaster of events, but I'll just give a brief point-form update for anyone out there who even cares to still read this thing.

Let's see now...

Resolved my issue with Revenue Canada trying to come after me for thousands of dollars worth of unpaid taxes from my ex's company. They confirmed that I no longer had anything to do with the company, and so I am not responsible to pay, and they are going after him instead. I also got all of my belongings out of his place in Michigan, thanks to my dear friend Drummin Kangaroo, who happens to be an RCMP officer. :3

Got another PT job working for a dog walking and training company in the mornings, which meant I was working 12-hour days for a few months, which was really beginning to wear me down.

Had two really bad anxiety attacks in two months, which caused me to have to miss a lot of work. The vet job's been stressing me out like crazy, since the new management took over. Been suffering headaches/migraines to the point of crying. High anxiety and chest pains. Major fatigue, no matter how many hours of sleep I get (usually 7- hours a night).

Finally saw a doctor at a walk-in clinic, after failing to find a clinic that would accept new patients for a family doctor. I'm now on anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication (yay!). Got a blood test done last weekend to hopefully rule out a thyroid issue or vitamin deficiency (just found out that my sister has a vitamin B12 deficiency and has to get injections done regularly).

Just lost the Vet job last Friday (THANK GOODNESS!!!). This is good and bad. Good that I no longer have to deal with the stress of working at that place. Bad that I now have to worry about how I'm going to make my loan payments, when I was already struggling to do so with two jobs... now I can't pay my loan off at all.

Applied for E.I. today. Seriously considering filing for bankruptcy now, and talked with my Mom about it. She agrees with the decision, since I have nothing to loose (no credit cards, don't own a vehicle, or home, or anything, etc.).

Thinking of trying to go full-time into boarding and training from home, now that I have my afternoons and evenings off. Doing the few hours of dog-walking in the morning is tiding me over a bit for now.

Thinking I may start doing art again, now that I will be having some free time again! Beginning with finishing commissions from like four years ago... (my god... I'm SO sorry!!!). I've decided that once I have the money, I will be refunding some people, just because I really don't have the heart to be doing commissions anymore. My artistic fire has been extinguished for so long... I need some time to recoop. Will make a more detailed LJ post about this later.

I have a new foster dog - a Pit Bull! Weeeee!!!


He has been dubbed "Cash," and he's a one-year old, neutered male. A bit nervous of people though, since he's had serious lack of socialization with his previous owner. I may have him for at least a couple of months, doing training and socialization before I feel comfortable enough to put him up for adoption. But it's nice to have a pittie around again, and Jango's helping me train him by being a good example. :)

That's all for now. Going to watch a movie and go to bed. Nighty!
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