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I Got To Sex Gerbils!

Heh, tonight I ended up going to my mom's friend's place to help her daughter separate their male gerbils from the female ones, because they were having babies like mad. Thankfully I remembered how to tell the difference, even though the last time I owned gerbils was when I was eight years old, and then my three were all female. We started out with seventeen of them, and they were divided between four cages. When I got through with them, we had two males in one cage, two females in another, two females with babies in a double leveled cage, and one injured male in the last cage. The rest were the older babies - six males and four females - that were put into two separate containers, and my mom's going to take them into the pet store in the morning because they said that they would take the babies. They're so cute! I love rodents, but I just don't have the time to really spend with them anymore, otherwise I'd probably just keep them all. :-P

iron_raptor is over for a few days, and we've been inspiring each other to get artwork done again. Tonight we're going to go to torrle's place and have a little art jam with him and ashbearfox. I always find I draw better with other artists around. Tis some good Karma, yo. ;) It would seem I'm also taking commissions again, and I just got a new one today. Although I still have a few gift art pieces I'd like to try and finish. It's good to finally be out of that artistic block. ^^

Haven't seen Bluey online at all in a little while... seems kinda odd. I think I'll give her a call sometime before the week's end.
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