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Dog Central!

Our home has turned into Dog Central! Not that that's anything new... I've been getting a good amount of boarders in the last few weeks! :3 This makes me happy, and I hope it continues, as it's a great way to make a bit of extra $$$ on the side. Plus, working with dogs is awesome. :-D

I'm going to need to start a dogs-only LJ pretty soon, since that's all I ever seem to talk about lately. Nothing else in my life has been all that interesting lately. Just a lot of other stressful BS drama, which I try to keep away from LJ. So dogs it is, for the time being.

I'm looking after two dogs through the vet clinic I work at - both exports to China cases, so one is here until December, (12-year-old Maltese) and the other one is only going to be here for the month of September (German Shepherd). I've been dealing with a lot of Shepherds lately, which is pretty cool, since I love the working breeds.

And then tonight one of my roommates found a little female black and tan terrier, who nearly got hit by a car. So we have her now, until I can bring her into the vet clinic by our house tomorrow morning and have her scanned for a microchip, to see if we can find her owner.

We have a full house, of 7 dogs! Only three off from my goal of 10, when I am able to eventually start up my legitimate boarding and training kennel. :-D I just need to get rid of my $20,000 loan first... X____X

Here's a cute pic of the Maltese, "Momo" with my Chi, Penny. Also, have some videos of a couple of my latest boarding clients, (yay, Shepherds!) and also torwin_collie's dog, Tobi, doing some play bitework. :3

Penny & Momo

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