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Introducing... Luci!

torwin_collie and I went to visit his family on Vancouver Island this past Canada Day long weekend. It was a much needed vacation from my vacation to Toronto, back in early June. Oh and yes, I was finally able to get my belongings back from my ex's place!!! W00T!!! :-D That's a big load off my shoulders. But anyway, this entry isn't about that trip. This entry is about Jango's new squeeze...

Introducing... Luci!

Introducing... Luci


Luci's a German Rottie, but with a nice small frame. She's built quite nicely, and is very fit and healthy. Her owner takes her hiking a lot - no wonder the girl's got such a nice figure. ;)

And more Luci...

She has a fairly nice personality as well. Apparently, according to her owner, she took a strong liking to me right away. I said let's see if she actually likes my boy, which she seemed to. :-P He was very talkative when he met her - a lot more so than usual.

Jango says: "I approve!"

Jango says: "I approve!" ;)

Wanna play?

Jango trying to woo Luci with a game of ball.

On the deck

Pups at play

Puppy Love

Side by side

A beautiful shot of the two of them siting nicely together. :)

Happy Rotties

Jango looks too happy for words. :-D

Tiny Jango!

One last one, just because it was funny. Those are ornamental rhubarb plants in the background. They make Jango look SO TINY, like a puppy all over again! :)

Plans for breeding these two are in December. Looking very forward to it! :3
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