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Please Help a Shiba Puppy in Need?

We have a 5 month old Shiba Inu puppy staying with us for boarding, at the vet clinic that I work at. Being the dog trainer there, I'm in charge of the animals' care, and I work with them every day on any behavioral issues that need working on, as well as basic training.

Shiba Peter Lick

Shiba Peter

I found out today that the owners of the Shiba puppy, named Peter, no longer want him, and are looking to sell him. There are a couple of problems though. Firstly, as sweet as Peter is, he is a very timid and skittish puppy, and has had poor socialization, so he's terrified of any loud sudden movements and noises. Trying to walk him is a very scary ordeal, and he either wants to hide behind your legs or take flight.

The second problem is that his owner is not willing to let him go for less than $1,500, which upsets me because as far as I'm concerned, it shows lack of concern for the puppy's well-being. Apparently they bought him at a pet store for $2,000, tried to return him to the store, and when no one would take him back they kept him, but now he is boarding with us for the next week while they are in China. So they seem pretty firm on the fact that they want money back for him, and I don't know if they will negotiate a lower price.

I care for this dog every day, and it breaks my heart to think that this puppy could end up at the pound if a good home doesn't come up in time. The owners do not have the time or the patience to work with Peter's fear issues. This can be trained out of him easily, if someone is willing to put the time and effort into working with him, and I am already doing that every day, bit by bit. He is very sweet one on one with people, when it's quiet, not a fear biter at all, and he gives very gentle kisses. He has a lot of potential to shape up to be a very well behaved and well-balanced dog. He is also very quiet, which is unusual for a Shiba, and he also likes to stay very clean, and is mostly potty trained.

I would love to try to help get this puppy into a good home. In fact, one of my roommates has been wanting to get a Shiba for a little while now, so when I told him about Peter, he got all excited, and would love to take him off of the owner's hands. We have some money, but not the amount that the owner is asking for. I would very much like to make an offer to this puppy's owner, when they get back from China in a week's time. But I need some help. I'm very kindly asking if anyone would consider making a donation, so that we can get this puppy into a good home. Our goal is to raise an extra $500, by Friday, May 7th. So if say 25 people could donate $20 each, we would be able to buy this puppy from the owner.

Even a small donation of $5 or $10, if anyone can spare it, would be a huge help. Not only would we be giving this puppy a second chance, but the puppy would be a huge support to my roommate. I have also told my roommate that if he is able to get this puppy, I will be there to help him with costs if he needs it, and of course rehabilitation and training for free. Peter would have a very good home with us.

If anyone would care to help us out by sending a donation, please feel free to email me privately, and I can give you PayPal or address information.

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