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I Hate So Much Right Now...

I have never been so angry... so upset... so sick and disgusted... and yet also felt such a sense of loss and hopelessness and depression, that just makes me want to cry blood. I'm so stressed right now, I could just throw up.

I got a notice in my email today that my ex is going along with a Default Judgment of Divorce on May 3rd, 2010, without ever so much as trying to come to any civil negotiations, unless I can put a stop to it within 25 days. Here's my email response to my Ex's attorney.


In the document attached, where it states, "The undersigned certifies that a copy of this document was served upon Jessica Maia Shani Albee, at 3111 Church St. Vancouver B.C. V5R4007, Canada, Michigan 49660, on the ___, March 2010 by regular first class U.S. Mail with the postage fully prepaid, and via email to ******@*****.com, on the ___ day of March, 2010." etc...

Please let it be known that the above written address is not the correct mailing address, and if anything else has been sent to that address, then I will not receive it. Can you please double check that the actual judgment with the attached seperation agreement was mailed out to the correct address, listed below:


I would really appreciate an emailed copy of the judgment as well, as soon as you can provide it. I only have until April 25th to mail out any modifications to it, which is really not giving me a lot of time.

Please make sure this message gets to Mr. Mark Quinn:

As far as the property settlement agreement goes, where it was signed that I would receive "mutually purchased assets that party 1 (Mr. TA) and party 2 (myself) mutually agree should go to party 2 the time party 2 moves her belongings out of *Address*", I need Mr. Quinn to understand that there was no mutual agreement to anything that I would be receiving. I had absolutely no say at all in choosing mutual assets. TA simply packed up my belongings and stuck them down in his basement - I don't even know if everything of mine is accounted for. He chose what mutually purchased assets I would be allowed to have. I have no idea at all what those assets even are. He did not negotiate with me on it at all. How is that a mutual or fair agreement?

In order to best honor our separation agreement and ensure that this whole thing is indeed "mutual" and fair, I insist that I be allowed to personally come to the property to "move my belongings out" myself. I will be making arrangements to have someone accompany me out there with a van, during my stay in Toronto between June 5, 2010, and June 12, 2010 (I would most likely arrive on the property the Monday, June 7th). Once there, I want to be allowed to open up every single box and look through them to make sure that all of my personal belongings are indeed accounted for, as well as choose what mutually purchased assets I am allowed to have, and NOT have it be strictly dictated based upon what Mr. TA thinks I should be allowed to have.

If Mr. TA denies me this right, then he is not honoring the agreements made in our separation contract. As far as I'm concerned, Mr. TA has already broken a couple of terms in our separation agreement, including leaving me with his company's $3,500.00 debt. How is this separation agreement still binding? It is my opinion that the whole thing should be thrown out, and started over.

I have consulted with a divorce lawyer here in British Columbia, Canada, and have been advised that it would be best for me to acquire a lawyer based in Michigan, so I am now actively pursuing this.

Mr. Quinn stated in the documents I received, "If there are any modifications, it would be necessary for me to receive the judgment signed by you prior to April 25, 2010. If you sign and return the judgment to me by that date, Mr. TA could sign that judgment and the court would then sign that judgment. Absent that, we will proceed with the entry of the Default Judgment of Divorce."

You are not really giving me enough time to consider this judgment and get it back to you by April 25, 2010. Can we not extend the date for the judgment? Why does it have to be for May 3, 2010?

As soon as I receive the judgment, I will be making modifications to it. I want all of my belongings safely back in my possession, I want any assets between Mr. TA and myself to be divided up fairly, and I want all debts that Mr. TA owes me to be paid back in full. Aside from signing and returning the modified judgment to you, please take note that I am not signing ANYTHING more in regards to this divorce until I have consulted with my own lawyer based in Michigan.


Jessica Albee

So, in a nutshell, I have less than a month to get a lawyer based in Manistee or Bear Lake Michigan, to help put a pause on this divorce judgment started by my Husband... or I'm fucked. He gets his divorce without any negotiations, and I get nothing but a shitload of his debt.

I need help. I REALLY, really need help from someone, at this point, if this divorce judgment I'm going through is able to be modified. I'll be in Toronto, Ontario, visiting my Mom and friends from June 5th to June 12th, 2010... and I will very probably need to take some time out of my visit to go to Bear Lake, Michigan to finally pick up a load of my personal belongings from my Ex's place.

Is there anyone out there at all in the Toronto area who owns a van, who would be willing to drive me the 8 or so hours out to my Ex's home in Michigan, (and then back to Toronto) so that I can pick up my stuff? I'm afraid I can't offer much... I can pay for gas and I can pay for any meals while on the road... but otherwise I am very strapped for cash, especially now that I have to consider legal fees.

I am getting very desperate at this point, and need a miracle right about now, if I'm ever going to be able to get through this divorce.

*curls up and just wants to cry in frustration* -___________-
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