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Bad News: I got laid off work today. :( Business was just too slow for Christine to be able to keep me on the clock. She was nearly in tears when she had to tell me this morning, but honestly, I saw this coming.

Good News: I got a part-time job working at the vet clinic up the street from my old work. I start on Wednesday, doing vet assistant work, cleaning, and obedience training for Dr. Chuang's clients.

If the Dog Daycare and Training place gets busy again in the next few months, Christine says I'll be the first person she calls back to work. So, it may work out that I do part-time mornings with Pacific Pet Clinic, and part-time evenings with Downtown Dogs again, in the future.

I applied for E.I. today though, just in case. I also got my T4, so I am going to jump on doing my taxes tonight, and hope that I get a decent return this year.

I think I'm coming down with a cold, too. -____- At least I'm not working tomorrow, so I can spend the day eating lots of chicken soup, drinking lots of orange juice, and resting up.


On a side note, R.I.P, Cesar Millan's "Daddy, the greatest Pit Bull in the world." He was such a sweet, tolerant, balanced and awesome breed ambassador for all bull breeds out there. Hopefully Jr. will be Daddy's greatest prodigy, and will continue to help bring balance and peace to other dogs and their owners. Daddy will never be forgotten.
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