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Woman Attacked By Her German Shepherd

So this older European woman comes into our shop this morning, just hysterical, nearly in tears, and is asking us for advice on what to do about her 7-year-old German Shepherd Dog. Apparently the dog has bitten her 32 times, and we're not talking little bites here - we're talking this dog has nearly mauled her to death on many occassions, and she brought pictures with her, of her bruised to hell legs and thighs, where the dogs has bitten her.

Myself, Amber and Roxxane are sitting here listening to this, and we asked her if she's called the Police or Animal Control about this dog. She said no, basically because she's scared to have Police show up at her home and try to take the dog away - one reason being that she lives in a small town where everyone knows her and will talk, and the other reason being that her husband is basically a psychopath, who does nothing to stop this dog from attacking her, and has threatened that if the dog goes, so does she.

She says that the dog is licensed under her name, but lives with and listens to her husband only (they live in a Mansion, and she lives downstairs and he lives upstairs, and owns three other dogs as well). She wants the dog put down, and I told her point blank that if the dog is in her name, she has every right to do whatever she feels is necessary, to protect herself. It shouldn't matter that her husband doesn't want the dog put to sleep, if he's a danger to her safety. But she says that if anything happens to the dog, her husband said he'd kill her. O___o

This lady is not inexperienced with dogs either... she's grown up with and owned Shepherds all of her life, and knows how to train them. But for whatever reason, this dog only listens to her husband, and only goes after the wife. She's talked with other big name dog trainers and the Police, and they suspect that the husband has trained the dog to attack her. This woman was nearly crying in our shop that she was afraid that dog was going to kill her, as the last time he attacked her she nearly bled to death on the ground, and managed to call an ambulance herself, and that's when the Police finally started getting involved.

I have no idea why the Police couldn't have done more, or why they didn't try talking to her husband. I asked her why she doesn't just leave her husband and move out, since he apparently has no problem allowing his dog to murder his wife. But she's one of these older ladies with millions of dollars, who is mentally, emotionally, and physically abused by her husband, and she just can't leave. I still have no idea what would make anyone stay in a situation like that...

Amber and Roxxane are convinced that her husband is probably trying to kill her for money. He threatened her that if Animal Control got involved, there'd be trouble. Then if the dog finally kills her, and Animal Control gets involved, he could play stupid, saying there was no history on record of bites... oh my goodness! The dog just one day attacked and killed my wife!

Cripes. Well there's not much we can do... we tried to give her advice, but she was way too far gone to listen. Hopefully we won't end up reading about her death in the paper one day. Poor lady. :(
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