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Jango's Getting Bigger Than Mojo!

My big baby boy, almost 9 months old now, at 75lbs. He had surgery just after Christmas, to get the oral papillomas removed from his mouth, after they started growing huge and getting way out of control. They were so bad, even with his mouth closed you could still see them pushing out, and he stopped eating for a while... they were visibly starting to bother him. $1800 later, (oy...) the vet removed over 100 of them! O___o He's been on probiotics for the last month now, and his mouth is healing up very nicely, and is almost all better.

Jango Pant

Jango Dirty Boy

Jango Dirty Boy 3

Jango Dirty Boy 2

Jango Ball 2

Jango Ball 3

Jango Ball

Jango Ball 4

The weather is getting much milder now, for winter, so I'm going to start his bite development training in the very near future.
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